Get Real Instagram Followers: 4 Powerful Strategies to Build Loyal Instagram Following

Getting followers on Instagram is not easy! You have to do a whole host of activities ranging from sharing quality content to posting crisp images and interacting with the audience. Even then, it’s often not enough! People usually don’t see any outstanding results or improvements most of the time.

So, how to get real Instagram followers which shower your content with likes and shares?

This article will reveal the best strategies to make your Instagram account a follower magnet that attracts tons of real and interested audiences every day.

Let’s go!

Presentation is the key to attract Instagram followers

You want real Instagram followers, but who are you? It’s the first question you need to address if you want to capture the attention of potential followers. Build yourself a solid profile! Remember, to make people follow you; your identity must be strong.

Your profile should be complete in all respects. Pick a name and profile pic that instantly catches attention. Moreover, the bio should be appealing too. Every word should be precise and carefully weighed to convey the message. Similarly, the first nine shots that will make your insta feed should be particularly appealing to the viewers so that they start following you.

Sharing and interacting are the fuel for Instagram followers growth

You should always keep in mind that on Instagram, you are posting for your followers and your customers if you are a brand or a company. The objective of your post must therefore be to provide value to your audience.

This way, you will be aware of what inspires and derive your audience to the point that they like and share your content. Create posts that engage your audience and encourage them for specific actions. They will perceive you as a real person and not random accounts trying to churn away some likes and comments.

Appealing aesthetics of your feed will grab attention of visitors

Remember, it’s not enough to post pretty photos. You need to have a feed that grabs attention at first glance. It’s the first thing a visitor notices on your page; therefore, it’s essential to work well with photos on the feed.

Keep in mind, Instagram above all, is still a visual platform. Viewers most value visually appealing images. Therefore you should have a dynamic and balanced feed.

Great stories always pique interest and bring more Instagram followers

Stories are a massive hit on Instagram. If done right, it’s one way to ensure heaps of followers within a short time. Stories differ from post and are only accessible for 24 hours after publication. These audiovisual contents can be only of 15 seconds duration however hold the power of massive fan engagement. If you are not utilizing it to build a loyal followers base, you should because most Insta users agree that they started following a particular account after discovering it through the story.

Moreover, stories don’t require too much preparation. They are more about sharing a moment of your day with your followers. The more you share, the more your followers will connect with you.

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