How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram | Instagram Verification [2021]

The coveted blue tick has become a mark of authenticity, however, Instagram verification is an arduous process. In fact, Instagram rarely gives a blue tick to accounts other than celebrities or famous public figures.

Nevertheless, it’s possible to get the blue badge, however, you have to be clear about how to get a blue tick on Instagram.

Similar to Instagram, other social networks like Facebook and Twitter also provide verification symbols. They all have this verified status.

So, what’s the blue tick or Instagram verification anyway?

What is Instagram Verification?

Verification on Instagram denotes authenticity. A verified Instagram account means the account belongs to the concerned person.

If an Instagram account is verified, it means it’s not a fake account, an imposter, or a fan-made page.

It prevents people from being misled into fake accounts. In turn, people find what they are looking for and not something else.

But Instagram verification differs from other social networks. A blue badge is all about verifying the account’s authenticity and preventing fake activities on the platform. When you are neither a celebrity nor a popular public figure, Instagram presumes, there’s no reason for someone to impersonate you.

Therefore, your chance of getting a blue tick is minimum. That hurts!

Why Instagram Blue Tick?

It’s evident that the blue tick lends credibility to the account. The rarity and exclusivity of a blue badge translate to authority and prestige, which brings more visibility and followers.

That said, Instagram rejects the idea of the blue tick being a status symbol. It does not endorse the idea that blue tick brings more engagement. Nonetheless, a verified account lends credibility and stands out from the rest.

Who Can Get an Instagram Blue Tick?

Theoretically, anyone could apply for the blue tick on Instagram. However, Instagram is quite picky or rather ‘blunt’ in this regard.

It means, although you may think that your account has a good chance of getting verified, Instagram may not agree and could thwart your plan of getting a blue tick.

How to Get a Blue Tick On Instagram?

Instagram is clear that only those popular accounts ( celebrities, politicians, public figures) with a high probability of being faked get a blue tick. However, it’s possible to get verified on Instagram without having a massive following.

You must fulfill all the eligibility criteria for Instagram account verification. In this regard, your account has to be public, with an authentic persona, interesting content, and complete in all respects. Additionally, your account has to be notable, which roughly translates to having a decent following.

Instagram Verification Process


If you are certain that your account meets the eligibility criteria, you can go ahead and apply for the blue tick. Applying for a blue badge is a simple process and can be easily done from the settings menu on your Instagram page.

Once you have let the dice rolling, it’s then up to Instagram to award you a blue tick or not. Its team will review the application and if deemed worthy will reward you the blue tick

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